Boots choice

Boots – whether they be hiking boots, cowboy boots, or any other type – are strongly associated with strength and stability. Many historians believe that this is because boots were initially designed for military purposes, and therefore there is an association with that power.

However, as any woman will attest, women’s boots aren’t necessarily about stability, but can also feel as though they’re a torture device after too much walking. Especially when they’re very tall, with high heels and stiff zippers. They may be chic, but these boots have nothing to do with strength.

Many people ask what kind of boot is the very best boot. Is it women’s cowboy boots, men’s cowboy boots, leather cowboy boots in general, hiking boots, fashion boots, winter boots, or something else. The answer is actually quite obvious. The best boot is the one that fits your foot. Nothing else could be better.

There is no one kind of boot that fits everyone, since we all have our own unique size of foot. This makes sense, because if there was one best boot, that’d be the only one we’d see in all of the shoe stores.

Different manufacturers all have their own special way to design and shape their boots. While they all have a similar overall look, even the slightest differences can make a huge difference in the way they fit.

So what do you do if you see that beautiful pair of boots that fit alright, but not perfectly, but you just have to have them? Here’s a tip from the pros. Since boots are constructed to fit the widest number of feet, they provide little support in the arch, ball, and heel of your foot. This allows them to accommodate more shapes and sizes of feet. However, if you want your boots to have a truly customized feel, without paying for a custom pair of boots, you can invest in either a molded footbed – the expensive, but more comfortable option – or get a set of “trim-to-fit” footbeds. This will give your feet a semi-customized comfort with a lot more support and cushioning than a regular boot could provide.

So there you have it. It is possible to have it all, when it comes to boots!