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Free for a Small Fee?

Posted on February 11, 2024 by Matthew Johnson

This sentence may appear to be an paradox but trust me it isn't. Many websites offers top quality free stuff which unfortunetly rarely comes free. In this post i would like to show you how to prevent such traps, since it definitely can't be called free stuff.

When someone is giving me free things like a contact address i expect this email to be cost-free, and after all any charge, not merely money but additionally free of a great deal of advertisements along with other things. I am aware that online companies desire to make which is OK (infact we have been using free stuff to diminish our spends, which means this is in fact other side of exactly the same coin), but why those companies can't say: you don't need to purchase this email nevertheless, you must watch our advertisement 1 hour daily. Now this proboably wouldn't bring any attention, nonetheless it will be truth.

So listed below are few rules of the thumb, how to prevent free stuff crap:

  • Never signup free of charge stuff where offered freebies are paid on other similar sites, this especially includes e-books, reports along with other informational products.
  • Never answer emails from unknown source, where sender gives you very valuable free things like watches as well as ipods for replying to his email. It could appear to be real deal nevertheless, you can make sure that person which contacted you is really a spammer, understand that you're safe so long as you do NOT answer him.
  • Look out for surveys where one can win vacation as well as car for completing survey, while this is real deal, take note they could (and proboably will) want one to complete few related offers where you must buy something to be able to complete survey, so like i said initially this is simply not really free stuff.
  • Yet another thing, there's numerous websites on the web that offer free stuff as well as money for the opinion as well as your personal information, they have countless explanations why they need your individual informations, but NEVER provide them with this informations, particularly when they don't post their contact info and website looks suspicious. Remember your individual informations and privacy are worth a lot more then few dollars they give you.
  • Third , few rules will assist you to avoid the majority of scammers that are attempting to trick one to believe they already have something valuable to provide.