Three Factors That Influence the Purchase of Fashion and Clothing Brands

Shopping for clothes can be either a fun or harrowing experience, depending upon what type of clothing a person is seeking. The experience can also depend upon the styles and sizes of clothing a store sells. While keeping up with the latest trends is a priority for some, others seek comfort or functionality. Of course, some stores and clothing lines offer the best of both worlds – style and comfort. Fashion and clothing brands are as varied as the number of cultures in the globe. Finding the perfect match is a combination of personality, availability, and price.

Personality in Clothing

Sometimes finding one’s personal style is about knowing the personality traits one wants to express. However, finding the right clothing match can often come down to instinct. While the perfect pair of pants or shirt might be right because of appearance, it can also be because the buyer simply feels drawn to them. There is a connection between how the person feels about him or herself on the inside and what the piece of clothing is visually stating.


Shopping for clothes means either searching online, searching through multiple retail stores, or deciding to purchase items online. Some will search for certain types of clothes online first to check styles, prices, and availability before going to a specific store. Others will order socks and shirts from online vendors, while trying on items like pants and dresses in a store first. Yet, people’s shopping preferences are only a part of the picture. The clothing stores and online vendors sell, either according to brand identity or market demands, is a major factor in what is available.


Those who are more sensitive to clothing prices might restrict their shopping habits to certain stores or brands. These stores or brands typically carry items that are moderately priced or are less expensive than top fashion outlets. This does not necessarily mean the clothing is of lower quality, but that the company has found ways to deliver the product at a lower cost.

Many different factors influence a person’s choices in what he or she wears. Personality, availability, and price are some of the main influences. Shopping for something to wear is about expressing personal style to some, while to others it is about selecting something that feels comfortable and can be worn in multiple settings.