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All You Need to Know About Travel Humidors

Posted on June 15, 2022 by Matthew Johnson

When humidors where first created by Zino Davidoff from the early 20th century, they were big basement humidors which surely made for limited travel. One now had the capacity to strive for the best cigar, but just from home. Many people would agree that the feasibility of traveling with a large room didn't exist, and still doesn't, even now. A problem arose as to the way to maintain a moist cigar when traveling.

Early versions of travel humidors were patterned after air-tight instances where the cigar aficionado put cigars already preserved in a basement humidor. This worked well except when one opened the traveling humidor, since the preserved humidity existed as a consequence of moist cigars, whenever the humidor was opened, humidity will escape and the ambient humidity of the room replaced the humidity which was inside the traveling humidor.

Today humidors are available that are battery-powered or can be plugged into any available AC outlet or a mixture of both. While these kinds of humidors are more functional than ostentatious, they may be made of any materials in varying shapes and designs, suited to please the taste of even the most discriminating smoker.

Most travel humidors are made from extremely durable plastic, designed to withstand the rigors of being moved around and for its lightweight durability.

Travel humidors now supposed a society that's becoming more and more mobile as a consequence of the prevalence of cars and atmosphere is no longer required to choose between having an ideal cigar and being connected to home or needing to depart one's favorite pastime to travel.

Travel humidors are also an economical addition with many operational travel humidors costing less than $30. The web is a wonderful way to research different styles and brands while also finding the cheapest style that will meet ones needs.