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Choosing Pearl Jewelry

Posted on July 6, 2021 by Matthew Johnson

When choosing pearls there are numerous things to consider besides just the quality of the pearls. While there's no right or wrong way to chose pearls, here are a couple of tips you should think about.

Necklace Length - You can buy pearl necklaces in a variety of different lengths. Broadly speaking, shorter necklaces flatter long necks, while long necklaces are nice for smaller necks. The names and lengths are as follows.

Collar - 12-13"

Choker - 14-16"

Princess - 17-19"

Matinee - 20-25"

Opera - 26-36"

Rope - 37" or more

The most popular is the Princess length as it's a good length for both smaller and long necks.

Pearl Color - The pearl color doesn't affect the value of the pearl, rather it's completely in the eye of the beholder. Most individuals buy pearls that best match their skin tone. People with light skin usually buy pink or white pearls while people with darker skin tones tend to purchase black or lavender pearls. In the us, white pearls are the most popular, while in Asia, silver would be the most wanted.

Pearl Sets - When purchasing pearl jewelry you should think about if you would like an entire set, or only a certain piece. If for example, you purchase the necklace, and then later decide to get the necklace / earrings they may not fit as well as if you had purchased a set. Even if you purchase the identical size, and colour, the style might not be exactly the same. Some stores will let you get the individual pieces of a set. So in the event you would like to purchase the other pieces at a later period, they will still match.