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Paper Shredder Buying Decisions

Posted on January 15, 2023 by Matthew Johnson

People buy paper shredders for just one reason; to create documents with sensitive information unreadable. There are some techniques which are utilized by paper shredder manufacturers to do this goal.

  • How the document is shredded
  • The cheapest effective methods to destroy a document may be the strip-cut method. The shredder cuts the document in tiny vertical slices. This technique is sufficient for some consumers. Another popular choice may be the cross-cut shred, which cuts the document both vertically and horizontally. The cross-cut method also conserves space in the shredder bin as the strip-cut shredder bin becomes full at a quicker rate. This saves time by changing the shredder bin less, rendering it a sensible choice for large shred jobs.

  • The level of documents to shred
  • Industrial paper shredders are created for a continuing and/or large level of shredding. They are used primarily by large companies. The common consumer should only need a low priced strip or cross-cut shredder

  • The sensitivity of the document to shred
  • The cross-cut shred can be used for highly sensitive information since strip-cut shredded documents are simpler to reassemble.

    As a consumer, the options ought to be pretty clean on which shredder to get. The only real remaining factor is always to make note of every name brand's warranties and history of reliability. One of the most popular shredder name brands are Destroyit, Fellowes, GBC, and Whitaker Brothers.