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Pepper Spray Or Stun Guns?

Posted on June 2, 2021 by Matthew Johnson

If you are seriously interested in self defense, and you wish to take a non-lethal strategy, you'll have a choice between just a few items that could stop an attacker in his/her tracks.

You've got a right to protect yourself and those you love. And you should be able to act on a moments notice. Do not become another victim....fight back!

Stun Guns, of 400,000 volts and up, will stop most people. Some people may take quite a jolt, and continue coming. It really depends on what part of the body the Stun Gun contacts.

A powerful Stun Gun, and they move up to 750,000 volts, can drop a large man in moments. You would get in touch with the upper area of the body, on the chest. You'll have time to get away, or furthur subdue the attacker. If there's more than one attacker, then you'll need to maintain close contact with each of them, to be able to halt the attack.

If you had a TASER, it would take out two digital darts attached to wires that would bring down any man, except for possibly Rodney King. The TASER only holds one shot, then it functions only as a stun gun.

Pepper Sprays, for example MACE, are very effective in stopping an attack. Pepper Sprays come in a few strenghts, but believe me, you wouldn't like to be sprayed by some of these. They also come in various sizes.

This is the distinction -- You can use Pepper Sprays at a distance, and you are able to succeed with several attackers at the same time, You can spray an entire gang at the same time with a number of these massive spray canisters. A drawback with Pepper Sprays is that you need to be careful to not spray to the wind. It will return in your face, and you'll be very sorry. If you use a spray inside, no issue with spray-back.

You can also buy Combo Stun Guns. This is a Stun Gun with built in Pepper Spray. You can now first Pepper Spray, and if desired. . .you can Stun the attacker. A terrific combination.

It's ALWAYS better to maintain a distance from an attacker. This is most efficiently done with Pepper Spray.