Benefits of Building a Pole Barn House

Post frame construction has been popular across the United States for quite some time, especially in rural areas. Modern pole barns have their humble origins in the Great Depression when the large supply of telephone poles made them a perfect material for construction when money was tight.

Of course, today’s pole barn structures are a little bit more advanced, but they still confer all of the same benefits, plus some. Read on to find out about a few of the advantages of building a pole barn house to start learning about those benefits.

They’re Budget-Friendly

Traditional pole barns were inexpensive thanks to the combination of readily-available materials and quick construction. Today’s homes built with the same methods may make use of different materials but they are just as cost-efficient. In fact, thanks to more recently developed chemical treatments and more weather-resistant and durable materials, they actually cost less to maintain over time now, as well.

They’re Versatile

Post frame buildings aren’t just for barn construction anymore. The ability to add windows, extra doors, ventilation, and other amenities make them perfect for housing, as well. The versatility of pole barn construction techniques means that just about any standard one-story house plan can be turned into a post frame building plan.

They’re Durable

When they are put together correctly, pole barn structures are extremely durable and, as noted above, today’s post frame structures are much more weather-resistant than their traditional predecessors. The fact that they can be built to specification for just about any site adds further to their durability. Future homeowners should keep in mind, however, that the only way to ensure that their buildings last for as long as possible is to hire a contractor who has dedicated experience building pole barns and post frame houses.

They Look Great

Think that pole barn owners have to sacrifice fashion for function? That’s a misconception that is as common as it is misguided. Modern post frame houses can be designed to look great both inside and out. Plus, the ease of construction associated with building them means there will be less landscape damage to worry about surrounding the newly built structures.